Abthorpe Wedding Photography – Harriet & Jeremy

Wedding at The Green, Abthorpe

Suny august day for Harriet and Jeremy wedding in Abthorpe. I arrived at 10 am to the House on the Green where Harriet and her brides where getting ready. Lots of oportunities and lots of moving from one place to another as bride was having her make up in one room and the hair dresser was doing a brides maid hair in another room. Some bride’s maids where doing they own makeup in any spot whit enough window light. Plento of oportunities to use a shot telephoto to get the detaisl and a wide angle to capture  full scenes.

Time to move with the guys as they were ready now and where heading to the local pub for some pints before the ceremony, a wide angle lens allowed me to get close enough to the action so the viewer can fell like is part of the story.

Back to the House on the Green, just on time for the Father of the Bride to her for the first time on her wedding dress, so emotive.

Complicity looks between bride and her father during the ceremony, emotions and laughs specially the bride.

Party time

Party continued outside after the ceremony with groups of people everywhere having a great time. Excellent opportunities to capture moments with a bit of harsh light but very welcomed by everyone.

After the wedding breakfast, time for the speeches where more emotions were shown and even more laughs as everyone id having an excellent time.

Back inside for a first dance and withy everybody getting into the dance floor and having a great time is time for me to say goodbye.