Davyhulme Park Golf Club Wedding Photography – Lorraine & Simon


Wedding Photography at Davyhulme Park Golf Club, Manchester

I’ve visited Manchester on several occasions to take photographs at weddings across the city and each time I come back home with a big smile on my face.
This time I was providing my photography services for Lorraine and Simon who were getting married at St Mary The Virgin Church and then going on to the local golf club in Davyhulme for their celebrations.
As normal, the day started with capturing the initial preparations. The bride and groom were all squeezed into Lorraine’s parents’ home. Simon was upstairs while Lorraine was downstairs.
This is a great time to get really intimate images of the bride and groom as well as their family and friends as they interact. A wide angle lens is useful in slightly cramped spaces as you can fit a lot more in the frame while still being close.

The Ceremony and Celebrations

Once we get to the church, it’s time to get all the important shots. A telephoto lens works well here as it allows me to capture great images with a lot of detail. That includes when the couple exchange rings as well as the kiss at the end of the ceremony.
This kind of lens also works well when we head over to Davyhulme Park Golf Club for the celebrations but I also use the wide angle a lot too, especially when I want to fit more in the frame.
There are always important shots that need to be taken throughout the day, of course. The bride getting out of the wedding car is one. The ceremony in the church and the happy couple emerging to the cheers of the guests are two other vital times when you need to have your camera ready and your mind focused. Then there are the speeches and that all important first dance.
As a photographer you have to be on our toes and prepared to be in the right place at the right time to take your picture.

Hire a Wedding Photographer

I hope you enjoy seeing the wedding photographs from Lorraine and Simon’s big day. If you’d like me to act as photographer for your wedding day, you can reach out and fill in the form on my contact page.