Furtho Manor Farm Wedding Photography – Saj & Kev

Wedding at Furtho Manor, MiltonKeynes

This year wedding season started for me at Milton Keynes, shooting bride’s preparation with Saj and her brides chilling and getting ready for her big day. Opportunities for several types of lenses here, wide angle to catch the overall mood and short tele to get details.

The ceremony

The bride arrived at Furtho Manor farm with her bride maid, after a words with the registrar, her father walked her to the gazebo. The gazebo is in the middle of a lake at the end of a walkway and except for a close up of the rings exchange the rest of the photos had to be made with a wide angle lens.

The celebrations

The guests enjoyed a beautiful day outside in the rural venue as well as inside in the barn where the wedding breakfast consisting of assorted Indian foods was served right after the speeches while a small truck parked just outside keep cooking delicious pizzas that were served in the barn. A good opportunity to take plenty of colourful photos as many of the guests were dressing typical Indian clothes and the bride getting a different dress for the celebration.
Time flew by while guest talked and laughed until it was time for the fist dance. I stayed a bit longer after the first dance to capture the dynamism of the celebration and to get some more shots in the dance floor where guests kept gathering

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