Great John Street Wedding Photography – Jacklyn & Anthony

Wedding Photography at Great John Street Hotel, Manchester

Spring is a brilliant time for wedding photography. The light is just so great because and helps create lots of interesting shadows and tones. This time I was back in Manchester at the Great John Street Hotel for the wedding of Jacklyn and Anthony.
The ceremony was due to take place at a location that was originally a Victorian school, just a stone’s throw from the busy shops and city centre.
The first step was to take photographs of the preparations for the wedding. This is usually when the couple and their nearest family are at their most nervous but it’s a great time to take some candid images that evoke the emotion and joy of the day.
A wide angle lens is ideal for capturing busy scenes in the room, particularly in confined spaces where you want to fit more in the frame. The telephoto lens is also useful in picking out details such as the bride being made up or having her hair done. That’s why you have to have all the relevant photography kit with you at all times!

Photographing the Wedding Ceremony and Celebrations

Photographing the ceremony where Jacklyn and Anthony exchange their vows is slightly different as you need to be confident as a photographer to get the important shots. Again, I use the telephoto lens for close up shots that require detail such as exchanging rings and the wide angle where I need to fit more int the frame.
The ceremony took place on a rooftop and afterwards the celebrations moved to the garden for drinks where everyone could finally relax and enjoy themselves.
The key to capturing the right images during a wedding is keeping your eyes open. For the wedding photographer there are important times that you don’t want to miss, such as the speeches and exchanging of vows, but there are also a hundred other smaller moments that add to the story of the day.
Capturing these is the real skill of the documentary style wedding photographer and one which people really appreciate when they see the final images. It requires a little bravado and confidence, while remaining polite.

Hire a Wedding Photographer

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