Great John Street Wedding Photography – Kristie & Paul

Great John Street Wedding Photography

While some people look at spring or summer for their wedding celebration, Kristie and Paul decided to do it in January. It’s actually a great way to start off the New Year as you begin your life together and a more popular choice than you think.
Great John Street Hotel in Manchester is a venue I’ve handled a couple of weddings at and it’s always a great experience. It’s a unique venue with plenty of character which always adds to the quality of the images I’m able to create for the day. This was an evening celebration so light is doubly important if you want to create natural images.

Wedding Preparations at Great John Street

The first thing to do on their wedding day was to capture Kristie and Paul’s preparations. This is the time to get out my wide angle lens as it can help produce some really engaging images by getting closer to the action. For images that have more detail such as the bride putting on her makeup, I use the telephoto lens on my camera.
Great John Street has a brilliant roof top reception area and ceremony room and this is where the guests all began to congregate. The ceremony area is then transformed into a dance floor as everyone enjoys canapes and a drink on the roof overlooking the vibrant city.
Evening in winter can present challenges for wedding photography but it can also deliver brilliant images. As everyone began to relax, it was time to earn my fee by taking documentary style photos of the gathered throng. I tend to use the wide angle lens a lot as it allows you to fit more in the frame. This generally means getting reasonably close to the guests so being polite but confident is important to capturing great images.

Hire a Wedding Photographer
Whether you are holding your wedding in Manchester or another part of the UK, hiring a good professional wedding photographer is vital if you want great memories to keep for years to come.
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