Moli Canyar Wedding Photography – Ana & Ana

Wedding at Molí Canyar, Gandia

Early start on a cloudy day for an almost out of season wedding in Spain. Usually October is not much of a wedding month in Spain but things have not been as usual lately and Hair stylists and MUAs are working from as early as 6am with brides in this small town near Gandia in Valencia.

This is a wedding I was really looking forward to photograph and lucky for me Ana and Ana were not due for make up till 8am.

Hair and makeup sessions in Spain are not like in the UK – where I usually do my wedding photography – bride visits make up artis and hair salon and when she is done, she goes back home to get dressed. This does not mean is not fun and when bride is back home some of her friends and relatives are already there to enjoy a glass of prosecco or even a gin and tonic

The Ceremony

The place chosen for the ceremony was Ermita dels Sants de la Pedra a religious building from the late XVII century now owned by the city council of l’Alqueria de la Comtessa.

Ana Maria arrived at la Ermita driving her own car and finished last minute details with the help of the local police that were quite helpful at every moment.

Soon after Ana Maria walked to the altar Ana Belen entered accompanied by her father and you can tell the emotion and a bit of nervousness on the bride waiting at the altar. Salvador, the city mayor for the last 22 years, conducted the ceremony in a friendly and relaxed manner and even allowed himself a couple of jokes that were more than welcome by the brides.

The challenge to photograph the ceremony was that the confined space that made even a wide-angle lens was not enough to capture all the action at times and the lack of light made necessary the use of an ISO higher that I would have normally used. Postprocessing was a must for this part.

Reception and breakfast

Reception was at the restaurant Molí Canyar, a listed building on a restored XV century mill that opened as a restaurant in 1999. Almost one hundred guests gathered from a dozen different places and this was a perfect occasion to spent some time together and catch up with each other.

After getting a few minutes by themselves to relax Ana and Ana made their appearance walking down the stairs and having a toss on the beautiful garden. The toss marked the beginning of the wedding breakfast.

First dance followed the wedding breakfast with a surprise for Ana M. Gifts and another dance followed before the rest of the guest joined the dance floor and time for me to call it a day.

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