The Mere Resort Wedding Photography – Suzane & Matt

Wedding Day Photography at Mere Resort

It was a great summer this year and July was the perfect time for wedding photography. All the most memorable images depend on natural light and there was plenty about when I went to photograph Suzanne and Matt’s wedding at The Mere Resort in Cheshire.
This is actually a brilliant place to have your wedding with really nice guest rooms and a spa and health salon too. The staff are very helpful and highly experienced at running events like this which involve handling large gatherings.
My first job as wedding photographer for the big day was to capture the preparations beforehand. This usually provides some brilliant personal moments, many of which evoke strong memories later on. I visited the parents of the bride where Suzanne was getting ready.
Again, there was plenty of natural light available. It was a good occasion to use a wide angle lens and get some really memorable images that Suzanne and Matt love.

The Wedding Ceremony

With the guests starting to arrive, greeting each other and laughing and joking, it was time to walk around with my camera and take some more un-posed or candid shots.
The wedding ceremony itself was being held at St Mary’s Church and this is where a telephoto lens comes in handy, especially when trying to capture details such as the putting on of the rings. While you don’t want to disrupt the flow of the wedding, as a photographer you do need to be aware of how to get the best shot. That can sometimes mean getting in the way of people but done the right way, most don’t find it a problem.
I use my wide angle lens a lot because of the great pictures it produces. That does mean getting closer to people, however. It means you have to be bold and confident as well as very polite.

The Celebrations

Once the ceremony was over, with everyone back at the Mere Resort, it was time to relax a bit more. The gardens gave me the opportunity to take more photos of the marriage entourage and food was starting to be served in the banqueting hall. There were the speeches to capture and then that all important first dance for the bride and groom before my work for the day was done.

I hope you enjoy the selection of images from Suzanne and Matt’s wedding day. If you would like me to act as photographer for your wedding, fill in my online form and I’ll get back to you.