Thornton Manor Wedding Photography – Charlotte & David

Wedding Photography at Thornton Manor, Cheshire

There’s nothing I like more than old, interesting buildings. Thornton Manor is a brilliant venue for weddings and one of the more popular choices in Manchester and Cheshire.
Situated in beautiful countryside, it has everything you need – brilliant backdrops, friendly staff and loads of great facilities. If you’re searching for a fairy tale wedding venue, it’s well worth a closer look.
I was here to do the wedding photography for Charlotte and David who had guests coming from all around the world. As usual, my first job was to use my documentary style photography techniques to record the preparations, a little while before the full ceremony and celebrations got underway.
For this, I often use a wide angle lens as it allows me to fit a lot more into the frame, especially in smaller spaces. Charlotte was preparing, getting her hair and makeup done, while the groom was in another room getting ready. These are often moments that one or other person misses out on so it’s always important to document them.

Wedding Ceremony and Celebrations

Using a telephoto lens also helps get images that can make a big difference to the wedding portfolio. I generally use it if detail is required such as when the bride is having her hair or makeup done or during the exchange of rings at the ceremony.
Once the couple were ready, the ceremony took place on the grounds of Thornton Manor. As with any wedding event, getting the money shots is always important. These are the ones that everyone expects.
The key with documentary style wedding photography is also capturing those often unguarded moments that tell the story of the day. That means you end up with a collection of images that you can treasure for the rest of your lives. As a photographer you need to be bold enough to get yourself in the right spot to take the picture without forgetting to be polite at the same time.

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